Social Media Marketing

As of March 2016, Advent’s Facebook network has just about 200,000 fans across 3 pages and their number increases by 10% every month during the Tour season. Schools have the opportunity to promote their news and programmes to this audience of prospective candidates and applicants via the social media presence package.

Every week during one year, Access MBA social media experts post your business school news, campus and alumni videos, pictures and interviews across our social media networks. Social media provides exceptional exposure to a global and qualitative business education audience over a long period of time, ensuring far-reaching visibility across the board.

Advent Group also proposes digital remarketing campaigns so that business schools can target their message to visitors of the Access MBA and Masters websites and followers of their social media channels. The campaigns can be tailor-made to reach online users in specific locations and over a certain period of time, and succeed in generating substantial traffic to schools’ websites.