About Us

Advent Group is an independent media group established in 2004 and specialised in the field of higher education. The company is comprised of over 100 multilingual individuals that each, in their own way, provide personalised services for international business schools and prospective students. With two offices in Europe and one in North America, the company has a truly global approach.

Our unique matching expertise connects 50,000 qualified candidates with over 200 top business schools through the organization of 150 international events every year. In addition, online events, publications, and marketing products connect a global audience of students and business professionals with international education news and service providers every day.

Advent’s quest to create innovative recruitment and marketing services for business schools is integral to our activity. We founded the “One-to-One” event format that has since become the standard for the recruitment of international university applicants, and propose new event formats and services on a continual basis.

Since 2004, the company’s growth has been steady and we achieve a two-digit increase in revenue each year. Our Access MBA and Access Masters Tours consistently take place in more destinations around the world. Ninety percent of business school partners are regular exhibitors and choose to participate in more events each season, and the company’s institutional and media partners ensure the success of each event and media product.