Christophe Coutat, France & Bulgaria
Founder and Managing Director
Christophe founded Advent Group in April 2004. Having obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from La Sorbonne and a Masters in Marketing from CNAM in Paris, he gained experience in Communications before joining the top international media agency Publicis. Christophe’s perseverance and caring attitude led to a series of promotions in Sales Management of the Publicis agency specialised in Human Resources. He is the constant source of innovative ideas within Advent’s management team, and he leads with passion, attention to detail, and understanding of people. Had he not become an entrepreneur, he would have liked to write novels and challenge Novak Djokovitch on a tennis court.
Carolyn Gonglefski, France
Marketing & Communication Director
Carolyn led Advent’s Communication and Events team for 7 years before creating the company’s Marketing Department in 2015. She attended undergraduate programmes in Washington D.C. and Paris, France before obtaining an M.A. in Media Ecology from New York University. She also worked for the university in both New York and Paris, where she organised the academic and cultural activities at NYU in France. In addition to her involvement in the education sector, Carolyn is experienced in international media outreach and strategic digital marketing. Her leadership, creative energy, and attention to detail have been important elements for the growth of the company.
Elodie Parizot, France
Global Operations Director
Elodie was born and raised in Paris but has studied, lived, worked, and travelled all over the globe. She received her Bachelor’s degree at Paris Dauphine University and MBA degree at the Stockholm Business School in Sweden. Before joining Advent Group, she worked for Publicis Groupe to develop media and communication campaigns for global brands such as L’Oreal and Procter and Gamble. Elodie co-leads the Global Operations Department with strategy, dedication, energy, and humour. Her organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills are great assets to Advent Group.
Krasimira Stefanova, Bulgaria
Global Operations Director
Born and raised at the Bulgarian seaside, Krasimira spent over six years studying and working in France. After receiving her diploma in Media & Communications from Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, she completed a Masters in International Relations and Affairs in Strasbourg. She gained vast experience in media, marketing, public relations, and event management in various marketing and media agencies in both Bulgaria and France before joining Advent Group in 2010. Praised for her perseverance and hardworking attitude, she successfully co-manages the Global Operations Department with Elodie.
Kalina Krasteva, Bulgaria
Sales Director
Kalina has a Bachelor`s degree in International Business and a Masters degree in Finance from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia. She joined Advent Group in 2010 after gaining extensive experience in advertising sales and brand management in Bulgaria. Kalina’s creative and entrepreneurial spirit has encouraged and guided the development of many of Advent Group’s event sales and media products over the years. She is valued by her team for her accountability, client-orientation, and leadership, and her persistence and hardworking attitude are great assets to the company.
Kalin Yanev, Bulgaria
Candidate Relations & Research Director
Kalin’s educational and professional background in Psychology, in addition to a strong eye for detail, helps him to perfectly assess candidate profiles and find the right MBA or Masters programme for them. After joining Advent Group in 2011, he quickly took on the responsibility of managing our team of Candidate Relations experts who assess over 40,000 international candidate profiles each year and match them to the business schools participating in our events. Appreciated for his witty outlook on life, Kalin’s sense of humour never fails to put a smile on his colleagues’ faces.
Dobromir Donchev, Bulgaria
IT Project Director
Dobromir holds a Bachelor’s degree in Еngineering from the Technical University in Sofia, a Masters degree in Engineering (eBusiness and eGovernment) from the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies in Sofia, and an MBA degree from VUZF University Sofia. He is currently doing a Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies. As IT Project Manager, Dobromir uses Agile Software Development and Open Innovation in order to reach the company’s goals and ensure satisfied shareholders. Dobromir believes motivated and inspired people are the main building block that ensures that companies have the ability to create and respond to change in order to succeed.
Iva Angelova, Bulgaria
Human Resources & Finance Director
Iva has a Bachelor’s degree in Bulgarian Philology and Master degree in Psychology with a focus on organizational behavior and human resources management. Iva is a well-rounded specialist with more than 9 years of progressive experience in the field of financial, administrative, and human resource management as well as in the field of organizational consulting. Her focus and passion within her area of work lie in areas such as Organizational Effectiveness and corresponding personnel matters, such as developing and managing the necessary competencies and strategic personnel planning.